Difference or Wrongness

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(대학 새내기 시절 들었던 교양영어 과제물로 냈던 에세이를 발견했다. 영어 에세이에 한자를 섞어 써낸 그 불굴의 정신이란...^^; 이 글의 주제인 에스노센트리즘(ethnocentrism)은 자민족중심주의, 자문화중심주의를 뜻한다)

[ENGLISH JOURNAL - "Ethnocentrism" p 150~153] - 2002년 5월 16일

[ Difference or Wrongness ]
    There are many people in the world. Every man have his own hobby or taste. No

two people think alike. "So many man, so many minds." This proverb describes this

situation. But we often make a mistake that is wrong which unlike one's own thing.

Ethnocentrism also has a weak point from this point of view. Sometimes ethnocentrism

is the point that one's nation unconditionally is superior to other nations.

    For instance, It is wrong that the West mistreats Korean eating dog meat. Though 

we Korean eat dog meat, we don't like to eat mutton or horse meat well like the West.

We and the West enjoy eating pork and beef, however. The people in Islam culture

never eat pork. And Indian hold a cow scared. Are their behavior suspicious really?

What do you think of the fact that France enjoy eating "foie gras" which is widen

through cruel method while they laugh at Korean who enjoy eating dog meat?

    Some people evaluate Picasso`s achievement as the best thing while others Gogh`s.

In this way, It is not right to think "the difference" as "the wrongness". We must get

rid of our prejudices that "myself is always right," and listen to others attentively with

open mind.

    Finally I remember this words that is talked to Korean famous philosopher Lee

Hwang.  "There are many opinions in the world. But why oneself is always right

whereas  others is always  wrong? (天下之義理無窮 豈可是己而非人)." That is very

instructive to people who have prejudice.

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